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21 May
"#loveloopmusic #mrok #liveloopingLive-Looping show and someone requests a Radiohead song during a break...Live Looping SetupVox:- Telefunken - M80- TC-Helico..."
10 Feb
"Read Grayson Haver Currin’s review of the album."
10 Feb
"OpenAI’s chatbot offers paraphrases, whereas Google offers quotes. Which do we prefer?"
24 Jan
"Due to its success in youth football and partly as a result of the EFPM Case Study the Portuguese Football Federation has recently agreed to roll out the application of the FAIR PLAY CARD (WHITE CARD) to all levels of football except the professional leagues 1 and 2 and the Cup competition. The EFPM case study was the focus of an article in the National Newspaper 'The Observer' following research by LUSA the largest news agency in Portugal and the largest news agency for the Portuguese Language. The article is translated into English, and the draft case study is already on our web site under 'case studies'"
13 Jan
"From 1965–70, DARE conducted an extensive amount of fieldwork, including a questionnaire consisting of more than 1,800 questions. You may now view all the questions and responses from the 1965–70 DARE Survey by clicking on the link below.
From 2013–14, DARE conducted a new survey online. For now, it has only been administered as a pilot study in Wisconsin. The results for “official” respondents are available below. Due to shifting funding priorities, a new, online nationwide survey is currently not planned."
13 Jan
On a summer rainy night of 2020, I took a walk to the lake and saw a woman sitting in the middle of the lake under the moonlight. Then she starts to play a piece of music to me. The music has only one note, it has been played for seven days and twelve nights. When the music was stopped, she turned into countless fireflies and flew away, and the note disappeared in all the music in the world at the same time. credits released July 28, 2021 "
13 Jan
"The US's Top 10 streaming hits, combined, were cumulatively responsible for less than 0.5% of all on-demand audio plays in the US annually…"
12 Jan
"I accepted your imperfections. You gave me some perfect storms. "
A history of Dark Sky, including a detail about its implementation that I had never heard and is AMAZING. I won't spoil it!