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6 Sep 2023
good glitchy electronic, kinda pushing the boundaries for me depending on my mood, but earmarking it for now
10 Feb 2023
"Read Grayson Haver Currin’s review of the album."
13 Jan 2023
On a summer rainy night of 2020, I took a walk to the lake and saw a woman sitting in the middle of the lake under the moonlight. Then she starts to play a piece of music to me. The music has only one note, it has been played for seven days and twelve nights. When the music was stopped, she turned into countless fireflies and flew away, and the note disappeared in all the music in the world at the same time. credits released July 28, 2021 "
13 Jan 2023
"The US's Top 10 streaming hits, combined, were cumulatively responsible for less than 0.5% of all on-demand audio plays in the US annually…"
4 Jan 2023
simple covers of songs composed on the PO-128. (Algorithmic search results, so the further down you go the more likely it's just some other random video from this channel)
21 Dec 2022
"Before a show at Bowery Ballroom, the singer-songwriter takes a stroll through New York City’s last old-growth woodland, in the Bronx."
20 Dec 2022
"a sentimental cry ~ debut album from clover & sealife
so long, and goodbye, beautiful summer credits released January 1, 2016 THANK YOU SO MUCH TO selfiehouse, every friend and inspiration irl and url, very specifically bryan rivers, honest tea, glitch city, galaxy swim team, maltine records, trekkie trax, anotraks, fangamer, shigesato itoi, taiyo matsumoto, kiyohiko azuma, tatsuro yamashita, all city pop young and old, and you ~ !!! credits all tracks produced by jami lynne track 4, “a blanket of white”, written by toby fox permission granted from the original artist to release these works"
#bandcamp + #music
20 Dec 2022
"Award-winning radio host Fiona Ritchie explores evolving music from Celtic roots in Europe and North America."
20 Dec 2022
Youtube channel that posts tracks from the soundtracks to extremely obscure video games. So obscure that I can't even tell if they're real or if it's an elaborate prank (but they appear to be real)