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6 Sep 2023
"At each stage we gain something and we lose something. I miss what we’ve lost most recently. When comments were emails and other blog posts, they could be ignored. It’s a simple thing to add a filter to, e.g., mark all emails containing the word “bcrypt” as read and move them to a folder one never checks. Emails and web sites don’t come find you; they don’t interrupt conversations of yours to interject their opinions; they don’t make your watch subtly tap you on the wrist. They wait."
10 Feb 2023
"OpenAI’s chatbot offers paraphrases, whereas Google offers quotes. Which do we prefer?"
12 Jan 2023
"I accepted your imperfections. You gave me some perfect storms. "
A history of Dark Sky, including a detail about its implementation that I had never heard and is AMAZING. I won't spoil it!
21 Dec 2022
"It doesn’t seem very useful to reassess our ledgers of privacy without also considering our ledgers of power. Those companies that have invited the most criticism for their erosion of privacy have become vastly more powerful than the people doing the complaining. The alleged surplus of “obsessive” worry didn’t do much to stop that; stories like this one, from 1990, which concludes that we have “no way of knowing all the databases that contain information about us” and that “we are losing control over the information about ourselves,” don’t seem pathetic or wrong-minded in retrospect. Mostly just ill-equipped."