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23 Aug
the Idle Thumbs "conf grenade" from GDC 2010, where Wil Wright apparently showed up and gave a surprise talk to close out the show.
30 May
Create as many loops as you can in this timeless arcade classic.
21 May
"#loveloopmusic #mrok #liveloopingLive-Looping show and someone requests a Radiohead song during a break...Live Looping SetupVox:- Telefunken - M80- TC-Helico..."
21 Dec 2022
An in-depth analysis that explains how this console works internally
"One[sic] another topic, have you ever wondered what causes games to lag? When the V-Blank interrupt is called to allow graphics update, sometimes the game is still executing some heavy code and skips the V-Blank window, graphics can’t be updated until the next V-Blank call and since the frame wasn’t updated, this is manifested as a drop in frame-rate."
21 Dec 2022
"free yourself of daylight's culinary limitations. become a midnight gourmand.
watch the 11 minute blooper reel on Patreon:"
20 Dec 2022
Youtube channel that posts tracks from the soundtracks to extremely obscure video games. So obscure that I can't even tell if they're real or if it's an elaborate prank (but they appear to be real)