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11 Nov 2023
"Nirvanna The Band are the official convention hall announcers for 64X 2023 (Mega64 Expo). We present this documentary as a glimpse into their mastery of the ..."
6 Sep 2023
good glitchy electronic, kinda pushing the boundaries for me depending on my mood, but earmarking it for now
6 Sep 2023
really well considered outline for what happens in case of large organizations entering the fediverse
6 Sep 2023
"At each stage we gain something and we lose something. I miss what we’ve lost most recently. When comments were emails and other blog posts, they could be ignored. It’s a simple thing to add a filter to, e.g., mark all emails containing the word “bcrypt” as read and move them to a folder one never checks. Emails and web sites don’t come find you; they don’t interrupt conversations of yours to interject their opinions; they don’t make your watch subtly tap you on the wrist. They wait."
23 Aug 2023
the Idle Thumbs "conf grenade" from GDC 2010, where Wil Wright apparently showed up and gave a surprise talk to close out the show.
15 Jun 2023
> People say some things on Stack Overflow.
> Posts are not linked to avoid unwanted interaction. Please do not touch the art. > Curator:
8 Jun 2023
just a particularly interesting uploader
30 May 2023
Create as many loops as you can in this timeless arcade classic.